Any amount of savings when you travel means a lot when you cannot afford to lose an extra buck. You try your best to come up with several ways to save those extra bucks, it works and you feel great. But how about another 5 tested and proven ways of getting really cheap airline tickets for your next flight?

Let’s read on to find out more.

Buying a return ticket

Perhaps the easiest way to keep some money in your pocket a little longer is to buy a return ticket. Most airline companies offer rebates for return flight tickets with only a slight difference on a one way ticket. If you plan to return on a definite date, make sure buy return tickets ahead of time. Also, there are some instances where traveling on regular days is cheaper than traveling during weekends. Weekends are much busier than weekdays and the demand for airline tickets are higher. Thus prices are higher on certain dates where demand is also high. If you think it is advantageous for you to travel during weekdays and return on a next weekdays, you can grab really cheap airline ticket for sure.

Scour the net more intelligently

The internet is pretty basic and it is already in front of your nose if you want to find really cheap airline tickets. While reading this, you may even start searching for travel discount sites and find your way to a cheap airline ticket. Here you can research on several different discount ticket sites that offer really cheap airline tickets anywhere in the world. The trick actually lies in the prices of tickets on discount ticket sites which vary day in and day out. Oftentimes, these discount ticket sites offer the same type of ticket on the same day of the same destination with different prices. If you want to get really cheap airline ticket wherever you want to go, it pays to visit at least 3 discount ticket sites on the web and do a comparison.

Don’t Settle for Big Airline Companies

Big airline companies offer big servicezs to big clients. They have more expensive ticket prices due to the scale of advertisements and marketing costs that they incur in order to maintain their brand. Try not to fly with them. Instead, go for smaller airline companies which can provide reasonably good service and at the same time, cheaper airline ticket prices.

Where possible, keep your trip flexible

If you are not on the rush and would not mind saving on money than getting to a destination as quick as possible, keep your options open. Again this would need the internet to work. You need to search for all the possibilities where you can compare ticket prices. Try to look for flights during midnight or connecting flights. Make a comparison against several others so you will discover a really cheap airline ticket that is right for your budget.

Plan to travel longer

Most of the time, it pays to take a bus from one city to another, and then take the flight from there than getting on a airplane directly on your city. If for example you are traveling from San Diego to Seattle. Try to take a bus From San Diego to Los Angeles then take a plane from L.A. to Seattle. Or, if you want to go a little further, ride a bus from San Diego to Sacramento, then take a plane there. Chances are you would have saved a lot before you know it!

The above are just 5 of the many ways to save when travelling by air. If you are really keen to get cheap airline tickets, explore more possibilities like taking on vacation packages, last minute discounts and accepting courier flights. This way, you will no longer have to pay in full the next time you travel by air.

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